The  Holau  Vaka Taumako Association

Representing all the tribal groups of the Taumako communities in Temotu Province, Solomon Islands

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Our Objectives

To build authentic and traditional Polynesian voyaging canoes of the types called Tepuke and Te AloLili and Alo uwa using only traditional materials and methods.

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To sail these canoes on ancient voyaging routes travelled by Taumako forefathers as means of transportation on the waters to restore traditional trading networks within the Santa Cruz islandgroups and elsewhere.

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To train a new generation of voyagers of Taumako youth in building, navigation and sailing; maintenance of all Taumako types of voyaging canoes; and film, document and publish to ensure cultural knowledge is preserved and passed down through the generations.

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The members of the Holau Vaka TaumakoAssociation ) represents all the tribal groups of the Taumako communities in Temotu Province, Solomon Islands, and members that are approved by the Board of Trustees being duly and solemnly in one  Culture and  belief.

Our Goals

The following shall be the goals of the Holau Vaka Taumako Association, but not limited to:

  1. Building the Halevaka (Custom Canoe House)
  2. Building of traditional canoes or Vaka's and support vessel
  3. Education
  4. Documentation
  5. Cultural exchanges
  6. Development of services

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P.O Box 2205, Honiara, Solomon Islands


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Our Goals

The  Holau  Vaka  Taumako Association specific objectives and intended outcomes shall be to the benefit of the Taumako men, women, youth and children in gaining of knowledge in revival of their custom voyaging canoes, storytelling, art and crafts in weaving sail mats, mats and baskets, making cordage and using those knowledge and skills to showcase to visitors, participate in cultural shows and in cultural exchanges nationally and internationally.

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Halevaka Agreement Video

Halevaka Feast Hymn Video